An internal medicine resident's journey through public health, island living, medical school, clerkship rotations, internship, residency, travel medicine and life... with many pit stops, detours and distractions along the way.
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Easter Saturday at Patchogue INN soup kitchen

What a great idea! I’d love to write a script for a bike. The exercise prescriptions I’ve occasionally written have sometimes been effective.

A little bit of California at the Soup Kitchen this am. #patchogueINN #breakfastburritos #saturdayvolunteering

"One size fits all."

Carmen San Diego with schistosomiasis

Quite possibly my favorite (best?) morning report powerpoint presentations I’ve ever made on Carmen San Diego with schistosomiasis. If only you could see it with animation. Parasites are fun and cool!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Oh crap it’s March. #stuckinmyparkinglot #movingbacktocali #neverendingwinter



also Pseudomonas always smells to me like rotten roses

I have also noticed that patients with advanced esophageal cancer have a slightly cinnamon-like scent on their breath. It isn’t like you opened a bottle of cinnamon, but it seems to be there. That was something I noticed back in my EMS days.

No one has ever given me confirmation as to whether this is a “normal” finding.

I always thought that pseudomonas smelled like the subway late at night.

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Started re-watching “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” randomly during some downtime on MICU nights. Forgot how rad this show is.

This kid guessed some Grenada question right that was rapped by some cool cartoon cats. How I miss the 90s sometimes.

Ok, gumshoes!


The Future Dermatologist on Surgery

The Future Pathologist on Peds

The Future Radiologist on Psych

The Future Cardiologist on OB/GYN

The Future Pediatrician on Oncology

Narrowing down specialties soon, promise.

Saturday night impromptu ultrasound practice. #checkoutmyalines #nightfloat #bestideasinmedicine #residency


While doctors primarily pursue medicine with the intention of healing people and curing disease, little do they realize how much death and dying becomes part of the conversation with patients and families. Throughout my internship year in internal medicine, I was faced with many discussions regarding palliative care. Discussing the end of life is not an easy task at any stage of a physician’s career, from seasoned physicians to novice interns.

I really hope his next book deconstructs the American health care system and serves as a catalyst for change.