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Korean BBQ Potluck @StonyBrookMed

Every 4 weeks as part of a 4+1 schedule, I have continuity clinic. And in line with having a Patient- Centered Medical Home, many of us have also found a resident home here at Stony Brook Primary Care. We host a potluck every month in the conference room. This year, we have opted for the Epcot “It’s a small world” theme and showcase food from around the world. Just because we can.

It’s the little things that make residency fun and tolerable. When you are away from family especially during long holidays, having warm, home-cooked food and great company around the table, whether it’s a conference table or kitchen table, is priceless. There is no place like home and for us, Stony Brook Primary care has become our second home.

From my food blog. 

Somewhere between Lexington and Chicago. I was looking for Falkor flying around up here. #neverendingstory #Atreyu #80smovies

Cigarette Health Warnings in Peru: Public health works. 

I saw these labels on cigarettes in Peru while traveling and thought, these pictures must deter people from smoking or make people think about quitting.

Apparently, Philip Morris is now suing Uruguay for $25 million because of these ads. More on that story here.

"Studies have found that such gruesome packaging reduces smoking, particularly in pregnant women. In 2006, the government says that cigarette makers have to cover cigarette packs 50 percent with health warnings and what are called pictograms, which are the graphic photos that show hospital scenes, what happens to a fetus when a pregnant woman smokes — really scary pictures of the negative health effects of smoking on the human body. Then in 2009, the Uruguay government raised the required coverage to 80 percent. This is more than any other country had mandated before. And in the end, Philip Morris had to take seven of its 12 products off the shelves. And that’s when they decided to file the lawsuit. Uruguay’s University of the Republic, in collaboration with a professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, did a study that showed that between 2005 and 2011 in Uruguay, smoking has gone down 4.3 percent annually. They’ve also done studies that have shown that less pregnant women are smoking and that the birthrate has gone up because of it.”

It’s a sad, rainy day in the #ICU. @ejain801

Korean BBQ potluck in the clinic! #bestideasinmedicine

My second grade family portrait. #Everyonelooktoyourleft #Uheadsforever #tbt @natalieanngarcia

Hospital food around the world. Japan wins! Note to self: Don’t get sick in Poland. 

Nelson Mandela quoted in Spanish in #Peru #latergram

You’re never too young to learn #HandsOnlyCPR #bestideasinmedicine #stonybrookcpr (at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium)

Low Carb Diets result in significant weight loss.

Comparison of Weight Loss Among Named Diet Programs in Overweight and Obese Adults

Significant weight loss was observed with any low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet. Weight loss differences between individual named diets were small. This supports the practice of recommending any diet that a patient will adhere to in order to lose weight. 

I’ll be back to using My Fitness Pal! 

"No longer do we see you sluggishly walking en route to work every morning with refillable coffee thermos in one hand, robotically scanning some kind of social media feed with the other.

We are concerned that the regular and cyclic day time group texts received from you are now occurring at odd hours of the night.  Your persistence to move happy hour to 2 a.m. despite continual and unanimous rejections is unusual and annoying.  We hear that your online dating messages to available bachelors go unopened and unanswered solely due to the odd hours that they are sent.”

Written by Brian Secemsky, full article here

I’m back on nights again this week. My California family still texts throughout the day to my phone on silent. Miss civilization but there is something nice about the calm then sudden craziness at night.

My copy of Sandeep Jauhar’s Doctored just arrived! Can’t wait to read it and discuss at Stony Brook Medicine’s book club!

Cancer drugs always sound like Pokemon characters!

We will be discussing this book “Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician” at the Stony Brook Medicine & Med-Peds Book Club meeting on Wed, Sept 24. I can’t wait to hear the discussion from residents and attendings. 

Medscape article on A Promise to Peru went live today! Check it out and get involved! Sign up for a free login to view the article. It’s totally free and ton of fantastic resources for medical students, residents and beyond!