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Heart tracings as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the moon on July 21, 1969, nearly 45 years ago while Michael Collins piloted Apollo 11. You can sense their excitement!

EVA = Extravehicular activity.
Credit to my dear friend and cardiology fellow, Naveed, for sharing this.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has signed into a law a bill that makes it legal for medical students who have not yet completed a year of residency to work as “assistant physicians” within the state, delivering primary care services with 10 percent of their work reviewed by a physician.

I disagree with this. Residency is invaluable in teaching people how to be doctors. Looking back to myself as a 4th year medical student and now as a resident, it’s amazing to see how much I have learned while under supervision. Practicing medicine without a residency is scary and likely dangerous. 

2. W61.12XA: Struck by macaw, initial encounter. ​

The 16 most absurd ICD-10

Birds are terrifying. They have such an advantage over us. Flight.

Enroute to temple of the moon #peru #machupicchu

Know your bacterial infections

Say what? Normal avocado (left) vs. seedless pickle-shaped avocado (right). Whoa. #mindblown #theyneedtosellthesehere #Cusco #peru

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One of the most adorable patients wearing her new glasses from @reshmapatel22. #Peru (at Plaza Mejor, Calca, Peru)

Off the coast of Miraflores in Lima #peru #grayday

Paragliders in Miraflores #peru #lima (at Lima, Peru)

Miraflores looks kinda like Barcelona only grayer #peru #Lima (at Lima, Peru)

#fifa #worldcup in #Bembos. Can’t find space in a restaurant/bar anywhere in Lima!

Andean bio-breakfast pre-cooking class. #yumminess #mystomachishappyagain #peru #cusco (at Ninos Hotel, Cusco, Peru)

Pisac paint colors in the market #nofilterneededitsthatbright #peru #pisac #pinturas (at Mercado de Pisac)

Clinic in Ccotataqui, Peru.